Monday, November 2, 2015

Bakers Lodge in Murchison falls National park is just stunning

If you are still pondering how to maximize your stay while in Murchison falls national park, well this time round think about including some nights in your safari relaxing at this stunning beauty laying out at the banks of Victoria Nile. We took part in the site inspection trip organized by the management of Bakers Lodge to witness and discover a new gen overlooking the great River Nile.

With 10 magnificently set out and environmentally friendly luxurious suites each facing a dramatic display of bush, the Nile and splendid scenic views, one is quickly brought to the realization of sincere serenity and a sharp sense of being at home in the wilderness.

Each Cottage has been set apart from the other but still a sharp sense of oneness dwells and envelopes the whole scenery whether it is in the rainy season or in the dry months.  Water cruise safaris, up the Nile to the bottom of the magnificent water falls and down the Nile delta to try and spot the bizarre and dramatic shoe bill combined with a breathtaking sun downer cruise will give you more than value for your

The memory is unforgettable and so will your entire safari in Uganda spotting much more wildlife which is usually basking or playing by the water banks. There is so much than you can expected to find.  Don't be lost in the beauty of it all and forget to book a bush breakfast which will be organized by the lodge and later the safari driver will receive you on the other end of the river to continue with you on a scenic viewing game drive. Don't forget to include Bakers Lodge in your Itinerary for a splendid wildlife safari in Uganda.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda in June 2015

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is a “must see” national park which we always include in our program itineraries. Located within the Albertine Rift Valley between Lake Edward and Lake George, just south of the Rwenzori Mountains, it is one of the most amazing areas to explore for its variety of landscapes (savannah, forests, crater lakes, lakes, hills and valleys).
Crater lakes in the North of Queen Elizabeth
Therefore returning to Queen Elizabeth National Park is always interesting. However, from our last visits in this year 2015, we must acknowledge that some changes are taking place in the Northern sector of the park and, in general, are affecting the beauty and the conservation of the area. The Northern sector of the park, between Kasese, Katunguru and Kyambura, is traversed by a public tarmac road. With time, we noticed that more and more buildings, trading centers and infrastructures are developing in this area of the park, clearly affecting and encroaching on the nature and the wildlife. We used to stop over during the safari for a rest at Lake Bunyanpaka, a salt lake near Kasenyi; now all the lake is surrounded by shops, new lodges and many people are moving around, in what is or was the natural habitat of the lions. Along the main road they have been placed huge, monstrous electricity poles, not those a bit nice, but really those huge metallic poles which damage all the beauty of the landscape. Along Kazinga channel you will find fishermen and boats all over, wondering if this is still a protected area. 
There is nothing of the feeling of “remoteness” and “wilderness” in this area. Moreover, viewing wildlife is a becoming a frustrating experience: basically very few animals can be seen, like few Ugandan kobs or buffaloes or elephants. Sometimes you might find the elephants trying to cross from one side to the other of the main tarmac road while trucks and big buses are along their way. On top of this, it is becoming evident the widespread of infesting grass, like the lanterna camara, which is taking over much space, causing a challenge to the survival of animals which cannot live in that habitat. This lanterna camara is so spread that it is the common grass you will find in the gardens of majority of lodges around the Northern sector of Queen Elizabeth.
Ntungwe River Plains in Ishasha
In conclusion, this area of the park is losing fast its appeal and there are many challenges in the conservation which should be addressed if this park has to remain a tourist destination for which tourists pay a certain fee in exchange of services. We hope that the Uganda Wildlife Authority will be able to coordinate efforts with the Local Government and the Uganda Road Authority to reduce the impact of what is happening.
            Fortunately, there is another side of the story. As you proceed South along the so called Ishasha Road, passing through Maramagambo Forest, you will reach a very different region, the Southern Sector, which is still intact in its beauty. Here you will find amazing sceneries of savannah plains near the course of the rivers Ntungwe and Ishasha. Here you can have a real sense of the “african experience”. You can find in this area many animals and birds. The presence of the so called “tree climbing lions” is not a legend, but a reality, as long as you are a bit lucky and patient in looking around the different figs trees along the trails of the sector. There are two main trails in this area, the Southern and Northern or Ntungwe trails. Any of them can be a real surprise and bring you closer to elephants, buffaloes, antelope topis.
Tree climbing lions spotted in June 2015
Even the area just outside the protected reserve is actually becoming a natural continuation of the savannah. In this side, farmers and villages are moving a bit farer from the park and some of the lodges, initially surrounded by farms, are more and more surrounded by natural habitat. This is the case of our Ishasha Jungle Lodge, which is today found in a tract of natural riparian forest and surrounded by natural savannah, becoming more and more area and refuge to wildlife.

In conclusion, the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in 2015 is still a “must go” tourist attraction of Uganda.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Group Tour for Gorilla and Wildlife Safari in Uganda

It gets really upsetting when one is looking for an interesting, well planned and good value for money still yet at an affordable trip in Uganda these months, considering the appreciation of the dollar rate. 

Joining our grouptour with Destination Jungle safaris is a perfect thumbs up to beat the price and yet enjoy so much. Not only do you meet and make new friends while on this trip, you have the perfect opportunity to be at peace with nature since and explore the beauty Uganda's national parks bear

Our friends who took on this amazing adventure last month were very excited to share their experience. According to them, what was most exciting was the friendliness of their guides / drivers, Charles and Kasule both in Green shirts in the top most photo. 

From the hike to the top of the world's most powerful water fall in Murchison falls park west of Uagnda, to the much breathtaking water cruise along the Nile and later the Kazinga channel beholding a sight of some of the inhabitants' of this side of the park in both Murchison and Queen Elizabeth park. 

The Elephants, the Buffalos and the Nile crocodile do not disappoint in their magnificent beautiful displays sipping by the river bank while the playful Pied King fisher dramatically dives in and out of the waters trying to put its hunger pangs to rest. The trip proceeds down south of Uganda into the dramatic display of the folds of the Rwenzori mountain ranges and further down south into the home of the mountain gorillas.

It is fascinating how gorillas relate so closely to man and as you shall remain one hour long with these gentle primates, it shall be a striking imagination to think how close the closeness is. So with two nights spend in the forest sanctuary, get ready along with your trekking boots and back pack to enter the forest and discover the amazing lifestyle of the gorillas. 

After the gorilla trek, your journey now takes a twist and continues up and back to the central region through the fantastic views of Lake Bunyonyi, famed for her striking familiarity with Switzerland because of her many dramatic islands with impeaching stories for each of the islands. You need to see it to believe it.

Finally, you are back to Kampala and back to Entebbe international airport from where we bid you farewell. All in but 9 days group safari Uganda which is not just price friendly but also fun and exciting.