Thursday, September 30, 2010

Destination Jungle buggy jumping Uganda

Scared of Dropping From the Sky

When I watch The Amazing Race, which I do rabidly, I like to think about how I would fare on the show's challenging Detours and Road Blocks. Most of the time, I think I'd do okay … until they get to the flying stunts, like skydiving and bungee jumping. Then I start feeling panicky and worry that I'm going to let my imaginary partner down and they'll leave me.

When it comes to flying, I'm fine on airplanes; but personal flying, like by myself through the air, totally freaks me out. I was once at a party where revelers were invited to jump from a one-story roof into a swimming pool that was right below. You didn't have to run and jump out or anything. You just had to take one step off the roof and yet I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Well,if you are winged then there is nothing that beats the thrill of bungee jumping and riding the white waters of the Nile,not first hand information but hey,it looks that way. Book with Us Destination Jungle Uganda

Destination Jungle save Nature

Destination Jungle the tour and travel operator created with the objective of bringing quality
services, professionalism and creativity in the tourism industry in East Africa has launched a
fresh campaign to develop awareness and educate on issues related to sustainable tourism.
Our mission is simple, informing tourists not only about the destination they are visiting, but
also how to help sustaining its character while deepening their own travel experiences.
Residents learn that the ordinary and familiar may be of interest and value to outsiders. This
has seen us partner with The Voluntary Liberty Space For All Needs (VOLSFAN), a
community based organization running the Children's Farm in a tranquil village in Bukomeru
sub county, Bunyadde about 50 kilometers from Kampala. Destination Jungle staff spent the
day with the children explaining to them ways of living in harmony with their environment and
conducting a tour of the area.
Our messages are on two t-shirts coming in two colors: green and tan with Destination
Jungle's logo on the front and a picture of the endangered mountain gorilla on the back. One
t-shirt slogan is “Save the forest, plant trees”, which reminds of the emergency issue of our
forests beiong destroyed due to human activities. The second t-shirts bearing the slogan “For
Sustainable Tourism” reminds about the importance to safeguard cultures as well as the
environmental delicate equilibrium. Online campaigns in social networks, blogs and in our
business relations is in progress and our guides are donning the new T-shirts in the field as
we speak. This is our way of saying that we are not just a tour operator but agents of change.

Sustainable tourism is
It supports integrity of place.
It benefits residents.
It conserves resources.
Respects wildlife,Nature
and the local culture and tradition.
It does not abuse its product.
It strives for quality, not quantity.