Monday, October 4, 2010

Destination Jungle after TOP RESA Paris 2010

Destination jungle Paris Destination Jungle was member of the delegation of Ugandan tour operators exhibiting at the TOP RESA International French Travel Market in Paris from 21st to 24th September 2010. This was the first time for Uganda to attend the most important professional tourism exhibition of France. It was crucial the role played by our company, Sylvia Kalembe of Tourism Uganda and the Ugandan Embassy in Paris, represented by H. E. Madam Elizabeth Paula Napeyok. She welcomed us starting from the airport up to the last toast after the show from the embassy quarters. My impression is that the French operators are still not aware of countries like Uganda or Rwanda as destinations. The number of journalists and travel writers we received is encouraging for the future and we shall support them with enough information to present our products to the French public at large. When I went for the first time in Madrid at Fitur in 2006 that was also the first time for Uganda, but a lot of progress was made with time.
We shall persist showing our professional services to French operators and not giving up for the little success of this venture. As H. E. said while toasting for Uganda, “sometimes we need to do something for the country and for the betterment of Uganda, even when the results will be far in the long term”.
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