Monday, May 9, 2011

NEW GEO-TREKKING PROGRAM FOR UGANDA AND RWANDA: The Discovery of a new Ocean with Destination Jungle (10th May 2011)

Murchision Falls
Destination Jungle in cooperation with Kirama Viaggi launches a new tour product to discover Uganda and Rwanda from a different point of view, the “geo trekking” program. We requested Andrea Rossotti, expert geologists and traveler, ready to guide the first groups scheduled on 14th June and 14th July 2011, to comment on this new travel idea. In his words, “A new ocean will arise when the Rift Valley, the famous tectonic active fracture with his movement one day will separate the Ethiopia and Kenya from the rest of the continent. A journey through Uganda and Rwanda will let the traveler to discover the vast valley formed by the fracturing of the crust and not randomly dotted with active volcanoes and unique geological events.
Hot Springs
Hear more than elsewhere, the Earth talks of her past and her future”. By participating to this new program, you will see how the river Nile descends into the Rift Valley creating the extraordinary Murchison Falls; how the volcanic activities originated the hot springs in Semliki as well as clusters of ancient crater lakes in the Rwenzori Mountain region; you will visit the unique Kitagata thermal hot springs; finally see the legendary Virunga volcanoes, where you have the chance to take the mountain gorilla trekking.

The geo-trekking tour will give you a deeper knowledge and awareness about this African region.
For more information and booking, please contact Destination Jungle or Kirama Viaggi.

Destination Jungle

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