Monday, September 2, 2013


I for one would not miss this great chance to take part in yet another sensational breath-taking moment tracking the giant mountain gorillas in the magnificent Bwindi Impenetrable forest. No breath-taking moment supersedes this very humbling event when one encounters a giant silver back that is up to 3 times the size of man but yet so gentle and peaceful. Book and take part in this 3 days program with Destination Jungle@ is a great opportunity that will leave you with a wealth of memories in yet a short time. You may be apart of our scheduled group departure this November at a discounted rate to brace yourself for a life changing event. I have known gorillas to be extremely shy but you better brace yourself for what you will see. The soft, calm eyes that will penetrate deep into yours indeed tell a story of longing and love. You may not be prepared for what you find in the forest (well the trek is quite tedious and long), all this adds up to the experience in the forest. This is a quick reminder though to carry along with you a steady pair of broken-in jungle boots. please check out our link to prepare you for this experience in any case @

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