Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Akagera National Park under threat in Rwanda

One of Rwanda National Parks named Akagera national park is under a serious threat.  Although several interventions have been geared towards conserving the park from human destruction, encroachers have continued to carry out harmful activities to the park and to its wildlife at large and this is the largest in the country and wildlife at large. This issue was laid out last week when various officials were having a one-day tour in the park of about 110 kilometer long electric fence under construction which aims at separating the park from neighboring communities.

Even though the fence has been constructed, different illegal poachers and smugglers have continued to kill animals in the park and poaching has been on the increase in the last few months with in the park. However, according to the park managing director, the officials want good relations with neighboring communities and that’s why they are committed to help them get water for their cattle so the communities should also help them in guarding the park as well.
Dangerous people like Poachers, smugglers, marijuana traffickers and so many others are not threatened by the electric fence and because of this, measures to train game rangers have been taken into considerations so as to guard and control park borders. Also the encroachers were warned that hard measures were being put in place to punish them and they promised to work around the clock to help park authorities put away poachers and other dangerous kinds of people. 

Besides the Government and park officials, also stake holders like Tour operators offering Rwanda Safaris must also own the issue to find lasting solutions such as sensitization programs to the nearby local communities.

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