Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bitukura Gorilla Family welcomes a New Baby

On April 29th 2013 it was announced by the Uganda Wildlife Authority that Bitukura gorilla group welcomed a new baby.  The number of this family increased more by one after a new birth was registered. Ruhara who is an adult female Gorilla gave birth to a baby much to the delight of the entire Bitukura family and Gorilla friends. The family size is now regaining after some defections which were witnessed last year. Rukara, who was also a silverback left the group and joined Kyaguliro family which is for research purposes and has not yet returned.

It was observed that the infants and juveniles of the group were struggling to feel the new infant who was strongly guarded and monitored by the dominant Silverback Ndahura. The mother was seen dedicating the most of the time to this new infant while breast feeding and grooming the infant. Generally the family is happy and has been seen happy going about their usual daily routines with no worries.

Despite the loss of three members last year who defected to other gorilla families, the family looks happily and closer to one another. One of the trackers who located the newly born infant Gorilla contends that the family often nests at Bugarama where the Silver Back Ndahura has lately established his home range.
We highly recommend this family to our clients too because of the large numbers of gorilla individuals the family has. As of now, the family has 15 individuals and our Uganda Safaris include a 3days Gorilla Safari to Bwindi National Park where you will find these endangered primates and be able to track Bitukura Gorilla family or any other family in the Park.

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