Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Musambwa Tourism Project

The Minister for tourism Mrs. Maria Mutagamba launched a 10-year general management plan for Musambwa Island tourism programme in Rakai district. The Musambwa Island lies in Lake Victoria and as of now, is a major breeding ground for birds that migrate from Europe and other parts of Africa. The island is recognized internationally as an Important Bird Area (IBA) which was designated by Ramsar Convention and bird life international.

The management plan for this Island was formulated under the cultural values and Conservation project implemented by Fauna and Flora International (FFI) and Rakai District Local Government. While at the ceremony, the Minister warned the public to stop killing birds since they have now become a key tourist attraction in Uganda’s Tourism industry today. In her speech, she pointed out that the Musambwa Island has potential to fetch huge sums of money especially from foreign tourists because of its unique strong cultural values and rare bird species.

At the Island, among the cultural values includes prohibiting of sexual intercourse while women are also not allowed to become residents on the islands. In addition to this also, harming any living organism on the Island is not accepted according to the Musambwa Chairman Conservation Committee Mr. Enock Ntale.
Culture and leisure tourism should be promoted on the Island and this will boost the local revenue collections for the district.  It will also create job opportunities especially from the Musambwa Island project through the tour guide initiatives and cultural community performances from local groups.

More to this, the government will also soon identify at least two homes per sub-county to operate as tourism stay homes for those tourists interested in cultural adventures to know more about a true Ugandan Culture and people’s ways of living.

We have a special package for the Uganda Cultural tour in the north with the Karamajongs region which gives you a clear view of a true Karamajong ways of life. We can as well promote the same objective in Rakai district and other parts of the country.

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