Thursday, July 5, 2012


Most of the Ugandans, tourists and especially the Buhoma community residents are still mourning for the death of the Oldest Mountain Gorilla Ruhondeza. The burial of Ruhondeza last Friday attracted many different people who shed tears as he was laid to rest at Buhoma the Park headquarters. This was because most of these residents and officials were so touched by the life of this great ape. During the burial, food and drinks were prepared for the mourners. 

However, according to the news in one of Uganda’s leading News Paper, the Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation manager Mr. Pontious Ezuma confirmed that arrangements are being made for Ruhondeza’s last funeral rites. The UWA Officials have chosen a specific spot for the last funeral rites and according to them; it is easily accessible and will also be a pilgrimage site for visitors to the Park.

Ruhondeza was a calm natured Gorilla and his group was the first one to be habituated in Bwindi in 1991 and therefore if it was not because of his kindness, no Gorilla tracking would have taken place at all with in the Park. However his kindness and no harm to Human beings enabled the UWA officials to habituate his group in 1991 with 17 members hence making the beginning and growth of Gorilla tourism in Bwindi.

Ruhondeza as he got used to human beings and tourists, he had started posing for pictures (according to one of the Ranger guides n Bwindi) and so this amused tourists and hence the increase in the love for Gorilla Safaris in Bwindi and Uganda at large.

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