Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Uganda’s oldest habituated Silver back Mountain Gorilla passed away from old age. RUHONDEZA (Name of the Gorilla), was found in Bwindi National Park and together with his family (Mubare group) were habituated in 1991 and the group was opened for tourism to visitors in 1993. The news were all over the country and even daily monitor which is one of the leading local news papers had to put it on the front page of the news dated July 3rd 2012.

As a matter of fact, the name Ruhondeza in the local language of Rukiga and Rufumbira means “The-one-who-likes-to-sleep”. So far this Gorilla was one of the most celebrated and oldest male Gorilla and believed to have lived over 50 years.

Ruhondeza during his regime where he was the leader of the family in his group, he was so jealousy and very protective. However, due to old age, he had lost most of his family members and started living alone on the edge of this wonderful National Park in the village of Rubona. 

The reason as to why he had decided to live a solitary life was the fact that he was forced out of his group by unhabituated Gorilla family that grabbed most of Ruhondeza family members in March 2012.
He was buried at Buhoma Park headquarters by the Uganda wildlife Authority and other community members surrounding the Park. We will remember him for allowing humans to be around his family. RIP Ruhondeza.

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  1. The exact date of the death is 27th June and he died from the community near the national park, he could no longer enter his forest as he was weak and old, apparently above 50 years of age.