Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Ranger post in Queen Elizabeth National Park to house Ranger Patrols (Reduce Poaching and Illegal activities)

A new Ranger Post has constructed in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The construction project was funded by the Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF). The new post is valued at 150m shillings and is found at Kyondo with in Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area (QECA) in Kasese District. The post will house Ranger Patrols for Uganda Wildlife Authority and these will be against poaching and other illegal activities within the Park. The Ranger Post has 4 unit blocks and has services like water tanks and ecosan toilets. This is not the first donation to Uganda Wildlife Authority from Uganda Conservation Foundation simply because, in 2007 the conservation foundation donated four marine boats, tents and nets to help patrol Lakes George and Edward against illegal fishing.

The main objective as to why this post was constructed was to create migratory corridors to ease the movement of elephants and to control their raids on the local communities since Karusandara area has many swamps. The rangers to stay at this post were formerly among the local communities and so patrols will be effective.

Other ranger posts have also been constructed including Kahendero and Kanyangeyo. Other posts are also under construction in Murchison falls National Park at Pakuba and Kololo.  The conservation fund has also sponsored the training of UWA rangers by Pool Harbour and Sea Survivors and at the moment almost 60 rangers have been trained in marine and fully equipped.

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